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Battleship (UML, OpenGL)

This was our Software Engineering project in 2nd year. It consisted of iterating through the development of the game Battleship using an iterative and agile approach. Documentation and code was produced at regular intervals with testing sessions at the end of each iteration.

Animation (Blender)

These were 2nd year Animation projects. They involved creating 3D models, creating skeletal rigs, rigging the models and manipulating models to create animations. The culmination of these projects was creating a game using the Blender Game Engine.

Image Manipulator (C#)

This was a non-compulsory project which I wrote in 1st year. The program allows the user to load a .bmp image, draw, remove/invert colours, save the image and a few other functions.

Webpage (Flash)

This was a project for Human Computer Interaction in 2nd year. The aim of the project was to create a basic portfolio website using flash. One of the specifications of the project was to create and embed a flash video (with lots of text transitions) promoting one of our first year projects. The site can be found here.



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