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HLSL Project

This was a third year graphics project which I worked on with my team mate, Jamie Mulligan.

The objectives of the project were:
To procedurally generate terrain from a greyscale image.
To correctly position and render a user controlled 3D model, consisting of multiple meshes joined by a skeleton.
To create a dynamic camera system which would allow both a smooth "chase-cam" mode and a free roam mode.
To write HLSL (High Level Shader Language) code, to create and apply shadow maps, to perform diffuse lighting, specular lighting and to map & blend multiple textures, based on terrain height and slope.

I decided to add the skybox, environmental reflection and water lapping effects myself.




The main project is written in C#, using XNA 4.0. The shader code is written in HLSL. Jamie and I split the tasks and helped each other out throughout the project. We were both happy with the final outcome.