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Pirate Joe

This is a text based adventure game set in a dangerous maze. The player plays the part of Pirate Joe who finds himself lost in a maze after a ninja attacked him and stole "The Chicken of Destiny" from him. The player must search the maze for the ninja and kill him/her to retrieve the idol.

There are many dangers in the maze including pitfalls, zombies and werewolves. The player has an inventory. The player can only kill the ninja with their blunderbuss (gun) and must fight any other creatures he/she encounters.


This was a first year Programming project. It is coded in C#. The objective of the project was to create a text based game which incorporated; polymorphism, a maze, enemy A.I. which traverse the maze, multi-dimensional arrays, a fight system and a maze.


The number of enemies and traps is adjustable, with predefined settings available. The game is heavily randomised. There are randomly generated maps, room and enemy descriptions, inventory items, weapons and random attack and defend values (within ranges). This creates a different experience every time you play.

Enemies carry items and drop them when they die. The player can pick up, drop and use items at their discretion. Items used by the player affect their stats and abilities. Enemies will also fight each other if an encounter occurs.