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Notes Of Destruction

This is a 2D Space Invaders style game. The player must defend the planet from increasingly difficult waves of aliens. The player controls a car which moves across the bottom of the screen. The car fires a beam up at the alien ships, revealing a sequence of notes. The player must play this note sequence correctly to destroy the ship. The player gains points for destroying ships and looses them for entering a sequence incorrectly. The player's name and score is entered in a high score table when he/she looses all his/her lives.


This was a first year Programming project. It is coded in C#. The aim of the project was to create a game which would teach the player to read a simple musical scale. The game had to incorporate; music, reading and writing to/from a .txt and .xml file and maintaining a highscore table.


I created a random note generator to write the note file which is read by the game (One of the specifications of the project was to read the notes from a file but it was extremely boring just playing the same sequences over and over). The high score table is maintained using custom search and sort algorithms and is stored as a .txt and .xml file. There are two difficulty settings easy (displays the letters under the notes) and hard (only displays the musical scale). The notes also change colour as they are entered.