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Maze Shooter

This is a 3D First Person Shooter in which the player navigates their way through a maze while their health deteriorates. They must find the key for the exit before they can escape. There are enemies (with force fields), weapons and health packs hidden in the maze to add to the experience. The game is controlled using the keyboard.

This was a second year project for 3D Graphics and Audio. It is coded in C++, using OpenGL. The objective of the project was to create a maze game with; 3D lighting, a collectible weapon (which fires projectiles), a collectible health pack, a collectible key (which unlocks a door), a number of enemies (which have some level of A.I.), a number of doors (that open and close), a H.U.D., implement texture mapping, implement sound, implement alpha-blending and implement alpha masking.

To create the models for the game entities, I decided to write algorithms using triangle primitives and normal mapping, rather than use the OpenGL 3D objects. I did this just to challenge myself as I have always held a great interest in how 3D objects are created. I ended up creating algorithms for prisms, cones and cylinders. The cylinder and cone algorithms automatically set the surface normals to portray curved surfaces.

The alpha-masked and alpha blended "force field" around the enemies is mapped to a cylinder and rotates around the enemy. The gun is also created algorithmically and fires bullets which interact with enemies and doors and fall under gravity.