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Jet Pack

This is a 3D Third Person Shooter. The player must collect fuel cells and drop them on a rocket to refuel it. They must fight off two types of A.I. while collecting the fuel. One A.I. type patrols an area while the other type hunts the player and shoots at them. Once the rocket is refuelled it takes off, creating fire and smoke effects.


This was a second year Programming project. It is coded in C++ using the Ogre game engine. The objective of the project was to create a game which incorporated; link lists, queues, the observer pattern, the factory pattern, polymorphism, various types of collision detection, ray casting, animated 3D models, multiple types of A.I. and particle effects.


Before we began coding the final project we were given several tutorials on using Ogre. These covered implementation of nodes and entities, their manipulation, collision detection and ray casting. Building on what I learned, I wrote my own algorithms for collisions as I found I could achieve less glitches and smoother path correction for the A.I. entities.

The particle effects created by the rocket, once it takes off, are implemented using the observer pattern. The Bullets are implemented using the factory pattern. The enemies are implemented using polymorphism.