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Bounce is a fun, casual game for all ages.

The aim of the game is to bounce a ball up to a goal by controlling tilting platforms, on which the ball bounces, using the phone's tilt control.

There are a variety of platform types. Each of these has their own characteristics and causes the ball to change in different ways.

Bounce, freeze and burn your way through 28 levels varying in challenge from easy to insanely difficult.

Download Bounce (FREE) for WP7





I created Bounce during the first six weeks of my summer holidays after 2nd year. The game is coded in C# using XNA 4.0.

Bounce uses the accelerometer input to determine the phone's orientation and the paddles tilt in response to this. As I had no phone to test the game on I had to write an interface which could check whether it was running on the phone or the emulator and accept the appropriate input for either.

I utilised XML serialization and deserialization to save and load settings. To load the level layouts and hint menu descriptions I took advantage of the content pipeline. This allows the compiler to convert the XML files into .xnb files for more efficient loading and better security from tampering.

I designed and coded the game from scratch. I created all the game's artwork. All audio was sourced from Flash Kit and is property of the public domain. I performed all sound editing thereafter.